Advantages of Having Online Ordering System for Restaurants

We're digital nomads, living a digital life! We have learned one thing that the span of this evolution is that anything we want or need can be obtained with a couple of clicks on our devices. Even the food– all varieties of to satiate our different carvings on different days of the week. It's really a time that has something for everyone - whether a consumer or a supplier.

Given the changing scenarios, to a larger extent, customers have come to expect the ability of a restaurant to enable them to place orders online. By adopting new technology, you don't just simplify the lives of your customers, but make sure that your business is able to stand in the present competitive market. With regards to restaurant online ordering system, the choice of technology isn't about the ability to order online, but also the ability to contact the right audience.

Here are 9 advantages of online ordering:

1. Makes the ordering process easier

In a normal take-out setting the customer needs to call the restaurant, for that she needs the contact number, needs to write the items from the menu she wants to order.

This is a pain staking process, and at the receiving end, the restaurant needs to process the order which doesn't make it any easier.

In an online process, the customer does the majority of this in one step, choosing the items from the menu and mentioning any other details. No problems, the order gets placed on the system and can be handled by the restaurant very quickly.

Simple and efficient and it sets up a good takeout experience.

2. Orders are 'right' all the time

Often orders are misplaced due to faulty communication via phone. This builds up an ill rapport with the customer.

What's more, any wrong amount of "delivered item" can be bad for future business opportunities from the customer. An online system correctly gives the information to the restaurant and keeps the process simple for the customer which is always something good to do!

3. Keeping the costs transparent

In an online ordering system, the customer is sure about the costs incurred and there is no issue in regards to the costing of the items.There is no guessing and hidden cost. This will earn the trust of the customer and guarantee you a better business.

4. Reduce human error

In an ordinary system, a lot is dependent on the person accepting the order.

This involves many factors, and why should you put your business in such a shape. An online ordering system reduces the errors as everything can be verified before order is confirmed and they are received in a well-formatted way which makes them to process easily.

5. Monitor your expenses incurred in real time

This is the great advantage of the online ordering system as it gives a precise data of the income in the restaurant.

You get to keep track of costs incurred during preparing an order and compare it with the cost you are offering it to the customer and keep a sharp eye on your profits. In a day when you get several orders, this system will give you a precise monetary translation of each order without having you look into cash registers.

6. Low cost marketing

An online presence means free and cheap marketing which develops into future customers. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and significantly more. Try not to be reluctant to spend a bit on advertising, it is a good investment. Spread the events of the restaurants regularly on these platforms which give unique "peek in" into your kitchen, showing the process of how the food is being prepared.

Display the human side of the business and draw in with the local community positively. Build up yourself as somebody who really cares about the customers, and don't be shy to show it. Use these social platforms to their fullest.

7. Customers and loyalty

Think about the youngsters who for practically spend a lot of time in the mobile phone, everyone does that these days however here's the trick.

You have to invest a bit effort to convert over these one-time goers to regulars. The key is to maintain a very active social media outreach and rewarding these adolescents with little discounts and giveaways, especially to the people who contact you by the online platform.

8. Mobile friendly

Online ordering makes it possible for the customers to just order using their mobiles from their homes or work environments very easily. There is no need for the customer to connect and make a call in the interim disturbing their privacy or disrupting a gathering for a lunch order. With a mobile app, the customer can quietly put in a order without the hassle of talking via telephone.

9. Stay ahead of the competition

Did you know that most of the restaurants don't give the option of online ordering?

So by making yourself available online will make you to stay ahead of the competition to a great extent. A ton of customers want to order online yet due to lack of such options, they have to use the conventional system.

Now, you get the opportunity to increase your profit!

The important point is that as a restaurant proprietor you are also an entrepreneur and it is in your greatest benefits to get your business online but it doesn't imply you have to follow everything blindly.


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.