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How An Online Ordering System Help Your Brand Grow

Each restaurant is unique. Every brand stands for something. The more unique the brand is the more chances to attract the customers. When you start a restaurant, your branding is an excellent way to speak with your customers. Having a good name and logo is just beginning point for your branding strategy. In this article, we will include how an online food ordering system can be used to grow your brand.

What makes a restaurant brand stand out?

There may be many reasons. Great food comes first. People remember you for the best food you serve. At a physical outlet, this would be pleasant, good ambience and less wait time. In case of online deliveries, it would include good packaging and on-time delivery.

The pillars of an online ordering system for your restaurant can be:

·         Website

·         Online Food Ordering App

Helps in building a storyline

Make sure, customers love great food and that is the primary reason for them coming back. But it is the not only reason that keeps them returning back to you. A well-defined storyline goes a long way in letting them know about you as a restaurant brand. Make them know how you came into existence. What factors keep you going? Make sure that the essence of the brand is a part of your restaurant site and online food ordering app. When your restaurant site and app share the common story, your customers will attach to your restaurant better. And business will follow.

Gives Creative Opportunity

Just like a food delivery app, your message isn't limited to a small space. Your restaurants site lets you promote yourself and you can mess with the placement of your latest promotions, hot selling products. Also, have portals/discussions forums with your customers so they feel like a part of your brand.

Never shy to tell your customers exactly what they will get from you when they visit your restaurant.

Outlet to share information that matters

Your site is the hub for all important information. Some of the points to include in your site and app are listed below:

·         Up dated ordering menu

·         Your restaurant timings

·         Updates about your restaurant

·         Testimonials and reviews

Standing out from the competition

When customers choose you, they are choosing you from a group of restaurants similar to you in your niche. When a customer looking to eat Chinese, he will research about around 4-5 restaurants, look at the ratings, their sites, their social media and then choose on a particular one based on the combination of factors.

If your competitor has a site, that will give him an edge over you, particularly if the site is well-made. So don't build a website. Put your brand story in it. Top of it fill with a wide range of engaging media. Complete with mouth-watering food images, a range of menu options, positive ratings, testimonials etc.

A base for your restaurant CRM campaigns

Promotions you do on any channel need to have a well-defined objective, engage prospects and get more orders. In the digital space, it's online food orders. You may drive a total restaurant CRM campaign that includes email campaigns and SMS campaigns. You can link all the buttons to your site or make them to download the app.

Search Engine Visibility

We can never take this off from the list. In case if you are a doughnut selling firm and a prospect types doughnut on the search engines, what he sees as the initial 2-3 links are important. If your restaurants site pops up first, you will get a ton of hits to your site. What's more, in this way, greater online food orders too.

More site content, sections and digital presence will increase the probability of your restaurant ranking for the keywords in your niche.

Why Should You Invest in a Branded Online Food Ordering System Platform

Having your own online ordering system helps you to solidify your brand and increase orders.

More opportunities to cross sell

When you aren’t restricted by the space constraint issue basic in third party aggregator portals, you can deliberately give more options to increase the average basket size of your customer.

Loyalty program integrations

Your online food ordering systems mobile app and site can be equipped with loyalty options that drive your customers to order more frequently and redeem points for more discounts.

No cuts to third parties

Direct orders on your online food ordering system guarantee you don't pay commission to third parties which help in generating more profit from each order. Also, a reduced dependency is great to protect from future instability in the commission rates.

Power your brand with a full-stack online ordering system

An online food ordering system is a great value to help you build and strengthen your restaurant brand. It creates a unique identity for you. It encourages you to associate better by building strong emotional ties.


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.