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How Can We Say Online Ordering Systems Are Good For Business

The digital era has totally changed the hospitality landscape. Now-a-days, due to the growing online business, many businesses are asking the question of how they can survive. Saying ahead of the customer trends and buying patterns is important for survival and, here at Takeaway Genie, we provide online ordering system for your restaurant business.

Increase revenue – who doesn't want more money?

Customer aren't simply coming up and dining, they are ordering on their telephone, at their PC, or on their tablet. By offering online ordering platforms you are enabling customers to place orders on their time/plan. Average online traffic and guaranteed sales are commonly higher than direct because online ordering sites can customize their up-selling and cross selling products to make sure that customer’s online orderings are full.

As per a recent study by an ongoing report by Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, practically all restaurants and lodgings studied experienced "significant increases in order frequency," after implementing online ordering system. On an average, restaurants will in general experience at least a 25% bounce in their normal average measures after integrating online ordering platforms at their restaurants.

In view of that, here are 5 reasons why online ordering system is useful for restaurants.

Customers love online ordering experience

A variety of technology is used to expedite processes and improve customer engagement with an eye toward efficiency. So far, online ordering is one of the most popular types of technology used thanks in no part to its unrivaled advantages as far as customer experience.

As indicated by the NPD Group, more delivery orders will be placed online than via telephone, with restaurant ordering becoming 300% quicker than dine in traffic. By offering online ordering system, your business is taking into account convenience, which will strengthen customer relationships.

Furthermore, one of the most baffling aspects about ordering food is the long queues, hold up times, and always being on-hold. Fortunately, online ordering system allows you to cut through this frustration, providing your customers with the convenience of instant ordering.

Save time for all parties involved

In past, it was a choice between simple meals for takeaway and delivery or spending time taking orders over telephone. Today, with technology, one key benefit of online ordering system is that you can have your pie and eat it as well.

Research shows 75% of telephone orders take over a moment and 30% take longer than three minutes. When included, each 100 takeout orders got every week could save restaurants 2.5 hours of workers' time.

The customer gets the opportunity to choose their toppings, cake flavor and set meal drink online ordering system front end menu without pausing for a moment of your staff's time. Since it's everything automated through the online ordering system and linked to your trusty EPOS system, you don't need to worry over anything. Simply sit back and wait for the orders to come in.

Operations are more efficient with the adoption of online ordering system

Ordering online improves operational efficiency by successfully eliminating of order mistakes. By giving total control to the customer to submit an order, you can streamline your operations and increase output.

With more orders, less staff involvement, time saved and a barrage of other advantages gleaned from the adoption of online ordering platforms, your business' operations will uncertainly be optimized and at the heights of efficiency.

Adopting these platforms into the fold of your business isn't complex. Your EPOS supplier can have an online ordering platform ready to integrate with your EPOS system.

Powerful analytics gleaned could supercharge your business

The analytics provided by the online ordering system gives an additional advantage to your business. You can understand what your metrics can be.

You get real time data about your customers, their location, abandoned cart data, and other things. You become more acquainted with what they are ordering and what their preferences are. Location based data can help you strategise your marketing better and lift your sales. This data will assist you with developing your business further and reach more extensive audiences. The outcome? Your business promotion processes are improved and geared towards grabbing customers and prospects attention much faster.

Key Takeaways

When you add a table an easy way to use feature like a customer friendly online ordering system, you're enabling yourself to skyrocket your chances of boosting sales and increasing your business' overall profit margin.


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.