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How Loyalty Solutions Useful for Online Food Ordering System

Online food ordering system and delivery business has been marked as one of the best business on internets. Also there are thousands of starts up following this model and generating good amount of income and growing with speed. This model is best option for success, but success doesn't come without hard work integrated with smart business techniques. You have to create loyalty among your customers for a successful business. You are not going right way if customer orders once from your platform and never return back. You have to introspect.

Loyalty program help your business to increase repeat sell

Our fast, flexible and Omni channel loyalty program will help you with retaining your new and existing customers through wise loyalty program. It is built within the powerful online food ordering system which comes with an integrated loyalty program which is completely customizable to satisfy your business needs.

Our Loyalty program solutions

1. Campaign Management.

2. Real time customer engagement.

3. Convenient member communication.

4. Perfect backend infrastructure.

5. Card based programs.

6. Card less programs.

7. Simple POS system integration.

8. Simple E-Commerce integration and payment gateways.

9. Full execution report.

10. Easy registration.

11. Omni-channel redemption.

12. Flexible program attributes.

Advantages of loyalty programs

Convenient ordering

Offering the convenience of online and mobile ordering to your customers means more order, more bill totals and it provides incredible opportunity to build healthy and loyal relationship with those customers.

Customer Insights

Collecting data is good habit and it encourages businesses to analyze about their customers. With each order set online, our app collect important customer data which causes customer to know who are their top customers, their contact details, where they live and work, how a lot of money they spend week after week or month to month and so on.

Gift Cards

Our loyalty program will let your customers to give the gift of your food to their loved one from the same app. It is hassle free and simple to use without any involvement of your staff and manager.


Databases of customer’s data have all the data with respect to the customers like their contact details. Restaurant can use these customer details to further communicate with them. You can send new offer details, discount coupon details, new entry, special services, day's special and so on to your customers.

Advanced Analytics

With our app, you can follow all important KPIs of your programs, for example, earn burn ration, registration, financial related up and downs and so on.

Single platform

You can manage with all loyalty functions like data collection, analysis, campaigns and results from a single place.

Customized rewards

If someone is your regular customer or is loyalty customer from long time, he deserves your attention and some extra benefits. Setup your business specific offers, similar to offer some reward points on each order with the goal that customer comes back repeatedly so as to pick up those points.

Flexible Setting

Now you can set-up your own point structure, reward programs, special offers with our flexible setting options in the app. You can customize loyalty programs as per your business needs. Your business is now in your hand with our app with scope of flexible options.


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