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How Many Types of Online Ordering Systems Are There?

Online ordering system is of two types available for food ordering business. Choose which is best for you. Choosing an online ordering system for your restaurant can be daunting with all the options available.

As a restaurant owner, you might have come over two different types of online food ordering systems. That is market place systems and self-service systems.

While the two of them basically do the same thing, the business models behind those services have a huge affect on your online ordering performance.

Marketplace online ordering systems

This is where the majority restaurant owners start. Market place ordering systems are those like Deliveroo, EatNow, Menulog, Uber Eats, Foodpanda and so on. You can consider these platforms just as like eBay and Etsy.

For the most part, these businesses will connect with you first. They upload your menu online and enable you to start taking orders straight away. They also do a lot of promotion and marketing to drive traffic to their site to generate sales for their restaurants.

The way these systems make money is by accepting a % on each order that is placed through their system. Whilst this is a simple way of getting online, it's also the most expensive. The restaurant business is one of the most competitive industries with low-profit margins. Losing a % on each order and 1-3% as well as commonly 5-20%+ can be exceptionally effective to your financial bottom line.

Most restaurant owners will begin with these services however came to realization and start searching for alternatives. That said though this isn't an entirely bad. Preferably, with all the marketing these businesses do, they can generate a few new customers that you probably won't have had.

The vice versa situation can be valid also where your regular standards start ordering online through these websites so, all things considered you start losing a huge part of your regular sales. Which is the reason it's important for you to use market place ordering systems in conjunction with self service online ordering systems.

Self-service online ordering systems

The rise of self service online ordering system is due to its cheaper price compared to market place systems. In general these systems charge a fixed monthly cost and/or a set. This works out to be a lot cheaper than paying a % of each order.

These systems basically allow you DIY your own online ordering system. You can contrast them with E-commerce solutions like Shopify and Bigcommerce.

Beside the lower cost, the other advantage of these systems is they allow for a greater degree of customization and heaps of features.

In case if you plan on adopting online ordering system, then it is important that you use a self service online ordering system first and afterward hop on market place systems.

What type of online ordering system should you use?

The perfect solution is to use the both systems. Market place systems cost you nothing to be on and they get huge amounts of publicizing and promotion. To find a workable pace some portion of that for no initial cost is a huge benefit. You should see market place systems as a way for new customers to discover and find your business.

However, when you convert a customer to a loyal regular customer, its best push them towards using your own online ordering system. This is on the grounds that you can save a lot of money and also manage the order data properly using it to your potential benefit.


Lauren Deol

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