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How Online Food Ordering Taking Over From Takeaways

One doesn't need to have a good amount of money to eat good food. You have to know the best places that serve good food.

Is it Right?

Nowadays, you don't have to leave your couch and favorite TV show to go to dine out at the restaurants serving delicious food. With the growing online food ordering services and more number of restaurants offering food takeaway, it isn't not that elusive acceptable food at reasonable pricing.

Since the first boom of food ordering websites, around five years ago, it is still gaining its momentum, rapidly developing throughout the UK, expanding choice as well as convenience for the customers. With each day passing, new websites where people can order food online, are racing to capture the market. With this change, many restaurants are currently opening the takeaway option to hold their customers. What are the reasons for this rapid change in the food and catering industry? What is all the fuss about food ordering websites?

Here, we are going to haul down some real time facts about the growth of online food ordering services and why people are leaning towards it day by day.

Food And Restaurant Market Today

Many countries have nurtured the food delivery trend. Other than the traditional food delivering services, where the customers place the order at a local restaurant, pizza shops etc.

  • A year ago, in the UK, the demands for the home deliveries increases several times faster than for dining out.

  • The reports from the NPD Group shows, the food delivery sector grew around 10% in the UK a year ago. While the complete visits to restaurants increased by 1%.

  • Even British bars are currently offering takeaway services for their customers. Pubs hold just 4% of the delivery market, and they got hiked in their delivery visits by 59% a year ago.

  • Practically 50% of the population in the UK prefers food takeaways over dining out at a featured restaurant. The people in UK, even want to order their morning meal from the food takeaway websites.

There are more number of people opting for the food ordering websites over the dine in restaurants, a new type of appetite is rising among the business owners. The more you grow your partner restaurants in number, your profit and ROI will increase quicker.

Why Customers Are Choosing Food Ordering Websites?

It isn't not like you are availing of food online takeaways do as well, I. It isn't just about after the trend of food ordering online. There must be a few reasons why day by day, online food delivery services are drawing people at such a fast pace. Following are a few important customer behaviours that have helped in increasing the sale of food delivering sites.

Time Is Short

With going around the busy and tiring calendar, people lack the energy to drive around the city to dine out. The on-time food delivery makes them ready to eat their preferred food in the homely environment.

Timely Food Delivery

Practically all the food delivering services strictly maintain the on-time delivery of their food. They try their best to deliver the food to the customer within 20-30 minutes of placing in the order.

Eat Food At Home

Studies have found, 82% of the order comes from the home, and 16% from office. This clarifies people are preferring eating restaurant food at home as opposed to get dressed and showing at the restaurant.

Bulk Of Order On The Weekends

After getting a hectic week, people like to eat restaurant food on ends of the week. Almost 74% of orders get put from Friday to Sunday at the food ordering and delivering sites.

Why Restaurants Are Connecting With Food Ordering Websites?

While greater parts of the UK prefer to order food online, many restaurants are getting connected with online food delivering sites to build the overall sale.

Online food delivering services help the in-house efficiency level of restaurants.

While interfacing with the online takeaways, restaurants have become able to make their food delivering service more flexible. Prior, it was hard to manage both dine in and takeaways simultaneously. Be that as it may, it isn't difficult any more.

In spite of running on loss, the online food delivering sites have enabled restaurant owners to expand their profit. Moreover, the decision to get connected with an online food delivering service doesn't expand the fixed cost of a restaurant.

Accordingly, it is no shocking to see more online food ordering sites are growing in the UK, and even over the world. It has, in fact be told, made the entire food ordering and delivering system improved, modified and better than anyone's before.


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.