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How Restaurants Can Reduce Losses During Coronavirus Outbreak?

We have collected the most important data on what to do to reduce losses and risks in restaurants due to coronavirus pandemic. Know what to do and how to prepare yourself for the future.

Close the premises, but never stop the production.

The pandemic of corona virus reduced a great amount of customers to dine in, reduce in number of online sales in restaurants was noticeable for quite a long time and pandemic outbreak made this trend significantly direr.

What is the great news? You can sell your food online for delivery and takeout.

Below we discuss how to do it securely for restaurants and customers.

Start Selling Online From Your Own Website

With the Takeaway Genie help you to start selling food online quickly. Create your own online ordering system to accept orders.

Below is a list of instruction showing how to start selling online.

Why you should sell from your own online ordering system?

To start selling through portal may take a few weeks but time is essential at this moment.

Also, ordering portals charge a high commission, that you are not willing to pay right now.

You can have your own online ordering system with a minimal effort, stable and predictable subscription form.

Start making deliveries and take-out if you don't as of now

Involve your employees in the premises service team to quickly organize take-outs and deliveries. Adapt to new conditions and react accordingly. The quantity of online orders will be growing much quicker than the large before at the present time.

Start making no contact deliveries and pickups

Give your customer a no-contact delivery option. As most of the big competitors in the food business have just done.

While delivering the order, the courier should abandon food, send a SMS with delivery information to the customer.

Concerning taking out and pick-ups, arrange a place before the premise, such as a table or counter, where you will place orders for customers.

Extra countermeasures will reduce the risk, reassure customers and support ordering.

Educate customers about delivery without personal contact

Communicate introduced security changes and protocols with your customers:

· Mention on the home oage in the menu

· Compose on your Facebook fanpage

· Send SMS and email

Run online payments

Online payments will allow you to accept deliveries without personal contact. Studies show that on paper, or banknotes, the virus can live for as long as 24 hours.

Signing an agreement with a provider is a tedious process. If you don't have an agreement, you won't start online payments too early.

In Takeaway Genie you access online payments without having to a sign a separate agreement with a provider.

Here can know how to find efficient way to enable online payments.

Additional safety measures

Some of the safety measures

· Daily checkup whether dispatches show signs of illness with temperature measurement

· Daily sanitization of all hardware used by couriers

· The requirement for standard washing/sanitizing hands by couriers

Step by step instructions to reduce the spread of germs in your restaurant

Consistently Wash your Hands

Hand washing is the initial step to proper hygenie in the work environment, but during a viral outbreak, it gets essential. Wash your hands on a regular basis for atleast 20 seconds and make sure to thoroughly clean between fingers, under fingernails and past your wrists. Ensure every staff member follow these directions.

Minimise Close Contact

Completely keep away from human contact whenever the situation allows, organize no-contact deliveries and pick-ups and implement no-cash strategy. If possible, protect yourself behind glass during contact with a customer or keep away from it.

Disinfect Regularly

Take additional care while your sterilizing apply more attention for normal surfaces like door handles, handles, light switches, menus and POS system and other frequently handled items.


Lauren Deol

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