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How To Escape Hefty Commissions of Restaurant Online Ordering Systems

For a long time, restaurants thrived on patronage from foot traffic. At the point when the phone became something everyone had accessed to, restaurants updated and began taking delivery and take-out orders over telephone.

However, the majority of venues have been less snappy about adapting to the digital age. Restaurant websites alone are few and far, less adaption to mobile apps and smart home integration. Obviously, this is creating an enormous striation between the people who are totally on-the-ball in terms of digital presence and accessibility and those who don't have a website yet. Along the spectrum are restaurants with only a Facebook page, those with a beautiful site that just contains an online menu and telephone number, those with an integrated restaurant online ordering system and those whose online ordering is just through commission-heavy market places.

The Importance of Online and Mobile Ordering

No matter where your restaurant at present is on the spectrum between zero online presence and having your own restaurant smart home skilled, one thing that can't be denied: Online and mobile ordering is powerful. This is the culmination of a recent shift in our society, population and preferences as shoppers.


To start with, the younger generations are famous for hating to talk over the telephone. Millennials and Gen Z generally prefer online order forms and chat conversations rather to relay their order over a phone and they will frequently totally skip a restaurant that doesn't give them peruse the menu and order online.


Next, there businesses professionals who don't have the time to cook and couldn't even get home long enough to do. At the point when a developer working late craves a hot bowl of laksa, when an executive  needs a chicken parmigiana between their evening meetings and when a floor manager returns home too exhausted to even think about cooking, that is when the laptops and telephones come out to place a quick online order.

Everyone Else

There's the fact that online ordering has become a part of the modern lifestyle. From parents debating with their children which family dishes to order to groups of friends choosing what toppings to get, the simplest solution is to hop online and build your order through the restaurant portal. Oops, the restaurant doesn't have a portal? We should pick another that does.

Having an online interactive menu and ordering platform isn't simply useful, it's important in maintaining modern business. Nowadays, the people who order take-out or delivery are starting to rival people who need to go into a restaurant for the experience. At the end of the day, in case if you don't have online ordering, you're losing customers.

How Online Ordering Marketplaces Gouge Restaurants

Majority of the modern day restaurants think about the need of online ordering and many have anxiously jumped on the bandwagon as soon as it became easy to do so, with online ordering and delivery places. Often advertised and basically accessible through mobile apps, these market places are also notorious for taking as much from the restaurants they deliver for as they can pull off. Under the guise of 'commission', they few times take up to a full 35% of the order and never below 10% for 'sourcing' the online orders for you through their market place and app.

These apps might be great for acquiring more business however once you have a repeat customer ordering through the commission-heavy app, you're losing cash instead of gaining customers. A portion of the apps even with delivery. From the start, it appears to be a good business plan to access the mobile customers and get a delivery service to boot. However, many restaurants are ready to a month or two that the new customer traffic doesn't balance out with the new cost.

Unfortunately, by taking so much online ordering platform are also making it a lot harder for the restaurants they 'partner' with to make a profit and keep their customers. Raising prices to make up for the lost commission is bad business be that as it may, in reality, dealing with these market places as a rule is by all accounts awful business and many restaurants are now pulling endlessly. But they need a way to take online and mobile orders.

The Commission-Free Takeaway Solution

Luckily, you don't need to program your own mobile and online ordering system since we've just done it! Takeaway Genie was astounded at how much it costs to be a piece of the popular online ordering platforms. With commission costs up in any event, for repeat customers, we understood that the whole restaurant industry would be in an ideal situation with a without commission online ordering platform and that we have the resources to make one.

Takeaway Genie was built allowing restaurants to build their very own online menus and give customers access to a convenient online ordering platform without taking a huge bite of every sale or forcing restaurants to raise their prices. Instead, we're offering a better software solution for a small monthly subscription along the lines of the SaaS model of business software. With Takeaway Genie, you'll have the option to give your customers a quick and convenient online ordering platform for online and mobile without paying an arm and leg for each order. At last, the profits from each order are completely yours to keep!

In case you're tired of paying commissions for delivery apps that make running your restaurant more an issue, despite of the increased business, at that point it's time to make a switch. Leave the mobile market places with the exception as a way to grab a couple of first-time customers and channel everyone else to your site, app and Takeaway Genie online ordering system. It cuts, it dices, and above all, it allows you to take mobile and online orders without paying commission.


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.