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How To Maximise Restaurant Sales This Christmas

Christmas is coming and here at Takeaway Genie we like to share our Christmas promotion ideas to grow online orders for your food business this festive season. To celebrate the season of giving, our 12 Tips of Christmas will give you some innovative ideas to help you with increasing your online orders this Christmas and New Year.

It's the season when people spend a lot of money on food, so take the advantage and draw in new and old customers to order online using our Christmas restaurant advertising tips.

12 Restaurant Tips of Christmas

1. Run a Competition

Hold a contest for each person who places an order through the app in December, rewarding them with a prize, or by creating and sending them a digital discount code. With Takeaway Genie, you can see all your December orders in a Sales Report, filtered to December.

2. Reward Your Best Customers

Spread the delight this Christmas by rewarding your best customers. In the Takeaway Genie system, you can run a report to see your top customers for the year and wow your top customers with a Christmas gift. You can message them or even send them a pleasant Christmas card, after everything you do have their address! Greetings could include a voucher code, free feast or a gift voucher. You'll be spreading the delight this Christmas, while making some priceless word of mouth marketing buzz!

3. Add A Christmas Menu Item

Create a unique Christmas dish that will even get your regular customers to go to your restaurants more during the festive season. List out these new limited editions on Facebook or Instagram, so your followers know and try the new seasonal dishes.

4. Create An Online Christmas Offer

Create a unique Christmas meal deal, for example a 'Festive Feast' available online in December. Take advantage of December trends, similar to post shopping munchies, tie up with local events or create group meals that can be shared among loved ones. Optimise your menu to attract Christmas orders.

5. Sell Online Gift Vouchers

Create another Christmas section in your menu and offer Christmas Gift Cards to celebrate the period of giving. Restaurant gift vouchers are one of the top class of gift vouchers that individuals buy for holiday gifting.

6. Target On Your Christmas Offers

Offer a Christmas basket online, for instance, the perfect gift to teachers or your Santa in work. Or make a meal targeted towards a particular time of the festive season, for instance 'Christmas Party Recovery Hero'.

7. Advertise That You Cater For Staff Christmas Celebrations

Take advantage of the festive cheer and offer lunch and evening group or catering food menus, geared towards local workplaces, shops and get-togethers. Customers have the option to pre-order and delivered at the time they need it.

8. Use Christmas Pictures

Add some Christmas cheer to your menu with fun Christmas pictures, and update your food pictures to be relevant to this season, for instance focus on warm, hearty dishes with rich colours.

9. Christmas Themed Online Media Content

Make it simple for customers to share your Christmas promotions. Make a pleasant Christmas video to promote your Christmas content and deals that your customers will need to share their own social media.

10. Express Gratefulness To Your Local Customers

Promote your online loyalty program when diners eat out a lot and why not reward them using automated Takeaway Genie customer loyalty campaigns. Learn more about how to grow customer loyalty in your restaurant in our fundamental Customer Loyalty Program.

11. Send your customers a happy Christmas message

Stand apart from the crowd by sending your customers a personal Christmas greeting. Message pop-ups are a quick and no cost way of doing this for your mobile app customers.

12. Consider The Month After Christmas

Try not to let your business or your customers suffer that post Christmas blues. January is a period of limited financial plans, so make a decent value January deal or offer a discount percentage to encourage those orders to continue coming.


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.