How to Get Success and Increase Profits for Your Online Ordering System

Using online ordering system at your restaurant isn't the be-all end-all it used to be. These days, you must be smart about your implementation if you want to grow your revenue and be successful. With that in mind, you may need to make changes in your online ordering strategy, as well as explore ways to increase your profits from online orders, as well. Listed below are four ways that will increase your revenue and grow your online ordering success at the same time:

1. Consider Investing in Home Delivery

Ordering online is an easy way for placing an order for a snack or a meal. Not offering delivery can be a major issue for many hungry customers who are in home and or in the office. In case if you need to increase your number of online orders and revenue, try online ordering with a delivery.

Thanks to the prevalence of online POS systems, you can easily take payments by means of your website or an app. That way your delivery boy will not be exposed to the dangers of carrying cash at work. Also, you will be protected from the risk of a customer declining payment when an order is delivered. While it might seem intimidating due to be additional risk involved, the potential rewards far outweigh the drawbacks for your business.

2. Develop a Mobile Device Application

Taking into account that 65% of all online access now happens via smart phones, you need a mobile app to stay competitive. Without having a well-developed mobile app, it is difficult to increase your online orders and the revenue they provide.

Customers who use a mobile app must install a program on their telephone or tablet that can be set to promote your business and offer online-only specials and deals. You may lose a little money on the front end with these promotions, but you will more than recover those losses as your online orders increase.

Having a mobile online ordering app enables customers to safely store their login and ordering details on their device. The fewer clicks and keystrokes it takes to place an order, the more probable they will be to order from you when they are hungry and need something quick. In this way, making the online ordering process as simple as possible for your customers works to your potential profit.

3. Promoting Online Ordering at Brick and Mortar Location

When your customers are at your physical location to dine in or get their orders, they will check out the establishment. In case you need to get your online ordering system off the ground, you have to promote it in your restaurant, on your site, and on all the promotional materials and menus you currently have to pass out.

Restaurants that have a mobile app can also add a QR-Code to any promotional posters or other materials so customers can snap a photograph and download the app directly to their device. Displaying a large "Order Online" button on your site can also help support the revenue and growth of your online ordering too. However you implement it, you have to get the word out that you welcome online orders. The more exposure your customer base has to that data, the more probable they are to use it.

4. Integrate Online Ordering With Your Point-of-Sale System

Growing your online ordering system implies that order should be collected and sent to the kitchen for preparing error free as a matter of course. Manually entering orders into the POS system or handwriting tickets and sticking them in the kitchen to be filled, makes the potential for customer service issues.

If a customer special ordered a meal and the individual responsible and one of your staff makes an error, the customer will be annoyed when the incorrect order is received. A mistake of this nature can make an indelible bad impression of your establishment and your online ordering system.

Do yourself and your customers some help and set up one system that handles the two POS and online ordering. You may need to update your POS system, however don't get too hung up on the cost. Given the potential business losses from errors in entering orders and the increase in revenue from happy customers and most efficient transactions, you will effortlessly have the option to manage the cost of the system change.

Final Thoughts:

If you need to boost revenue and make your online ordering a top earning source for your business, you have to adapt your digital strategy to incorporate a couple of essential changes. Out these four strategies an attempt and you will soon observe the kind of revenue from online ordering that makes you and your establishment a rousing success.


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.