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How to Improve Customer Experience with Online Ordering System

Customer experience is one of those broadly talked about, however seldom understood, concepts of both service and marketing. It's not a passive evaluation of the customers' experiences, yet the intentional design of what your customers will experience when they complete a transaction with you.

Practically speaking, customer experience entails mapping out each step of the way from greeting till they leave the door. Customer experience is important to your establishment both in your establishment and by means of your online ordering system or mobile app.

The greatest opportunity for the growth of the customer experience with your restaurant is through your online ordering system. The way in which customers can place orders online offers you the greatest control with regards to customer experience. In this way, improving your customer experience starts there. If you need to know how to start improving your customer experience, here are five different ways you can do as such through your online ordering system.

1. Reach Out To Your Customers

Your website, social media accounts and mobile app all offer a large number of ways you can successfully make each customer to feel a unique sense of having a place. Use the customers' first names in follow-up messages and order confirmations, and welcome them by first name when they sign on to your site or into the mobile app on their cell phones. Always send thank you messages for orders, even it’s a simple text, social media DM, or brief email message. Use any and each technique for communication to build strong relations with your customers and forge connections that will keep your restaurant thriving for quite a long time.

2. Actively Seek Out and Welcome Feedback

Ask your customers for feedback on new dishes. You can even make them an active part of any changes you make to your menu. Make your customers' feedback part of another menu experience by creating opportunities for them to share their thoughts about dishes you order that they try.

Create a feedback card explicitly for dishes you order that they try and then give an incentive, for example, a coupon or discount to say thanks to them for their contribution. A similar feedback and incentive should be available for orders of potential new menu things when set online or by means of your mobile app. Ask specific questions about flavors they loved best, what didn't work for them and what you could do better to improve the experience. Use this feedback to create future menu items and to make dishes your customers want. It will also help you with giving the most best possible customer experience.

3. Transparency with Your Customers

A few times customers need something you don't have available that day or at all. Offer them substitutions for these items. You can also suggest a similar item. Communicate shortages or in availability quickly in the most helpful way. In case if your deliveries are running behind, inform your customers immediately. Customers are far less upset about delays when you speak with them right away.

4. Provide Knowledge to Your Customers Why to Order Online/Via Your Mobile App

Make your online order process simple and stress free so people will take the advantage of it again and again. Keep everything simple, intuitive and visually appealing so customers will pick your online ordering webpage/app over your competitions. In case if your online ordering system makes your customers' lives easier, you will have made a really brilliant customer experience.

5. Always View Your Online Ordering Process from Your Customers' Point of View

During the design and testing stages of your online ordering system, ask an objective who isn't familiar with the contents of your site, menu, as well as mobile app to test it out. This trial of your system will let you know of what functions just as what you have to change to improve it and more easy to use. Listen mindfully to the feedback you get and roll out the suggested changes. The best customer experiences are built around customer feedback and building your online ordering system around that feedback is pivotal to your success.

To ensure the customer experience with your restaurant is out and out superior, do a fair assessment of it and ensure it ticks all the boxes. Ask yourself the important questions that will help you with assessing your own online ordering system and mobile app effectively.


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.