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How to Optimize Your Online Ordering System For Customer Loyalty

Online ordering system in restaurants are in peak now. Providing the facility of ordering food online is one of the proven restaurant marketing strategies of the modern world. Today with immense technological development, online ordering feature is gaining importance for increasing customer loyalty and boosting restaurant ROI. Recent market research shows that this system can improve sales by encouraging customers to visit more to your restaurant and as a result persuade them to spend more.

Each restaurant needs a well designed customer loyalty program to support their business. Acquiring customer loyalty makes a good business sense. The online ordering system is such a loyalty program; this system makes certain to provide any restaurant with desired benefits since it allows you to engage with your customers in myriad ways.

But the competition is all around, how would you thrive?

Obviously, an imperfectly executed ordering service can harm your brand name. Also, a hapless ordering experience will also hamper the footfalls at your restaurant and this is the place you need to optimizing restaurant delivery system.

Here are 6 different ways to upgrade online ordering for customer loyalty.

1. Collect Customer Feedback

Customer feedback plays a pivotal job in taking care of business your restaurant’s reputation. It is considered as the corner stone to the achievement of any business. A customer is your most important guest, so it's basic to keep him happy and satisfied. A happy customer is synonymous to your restaurant's prosperity.

But, how would you know whether you touched your customer's heart or not?

Here comes the importance of customer feedback. It's an incredible way to guage the bliss of your customers and at the same time take a look at your restaurant's strenghts and weaknesses at the grassroots level. Collecting feedback from your guests will help you to distinguish what you are doing well on your online ordering system or where you might have turned out badly. In this way, you get the opportunity to improve and fix the incorrect things.

2. Make Transparency Integral Part

In case if you want to build trusted relationship with your customers, it's imperative to maintain transparency with them. Each successful restaurateur believes this to be a golden rule for increasing customer loyalty. Communicate with your customers about each nitty-gritty of the food stock available, delivery process and the shipping time. This way you can live up to your customers' expectations and deliver more satisfactory service to them.

3. Restructure The Pricing Strategy

Product pricing is one of the important aspects of any business. It is that noteworthy element which pulls in your potential customers and helps them to proceed with the purchase funnel journey easily. With a customer friendly food pricing, your online ordering system for business can be fruitful. So, you should re-think about your restaurant pricing strategy.

Expert restaurateurs are always of the view that your restaurant menu shouldn't be only a list of things. To grab the attention of your target audience instantly present the menu differently. Concentrate on incorporating eye-catching designs with consistent food and drinks categorization. Pay heed to not using currency signs or putting the cost on other side of the menu. Besides, use appealing font styles and colors to tell about your restaurant brand distinctly.

4. Increase Social Media

Social media marketing today garners maximum benefit in getting closer to your target customers. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter play a huge role in improving and building brands. With the quickly increasing number of dynamic social media customers, your restaurant business can increase a more extensive outreach. Hence, the moment you think improving your online ordering put maximum emphasis via social media marketing. Plan smart strategies to communicate and pull in your customers through social media. Let your potential customers about any brand new food addition or any new offers you consider introducing in your online order. Promote your business in the popular platforms and increase your business ROI. Make social media to advocate about your online food ordering facility expressly. To boost profit, you can even give an active link to the mobile app or the site redirecting to the landing page.

5. Use POS Software to Analyze

Integrate restaurant POS software for smooth online ordering workflow process. This all in one solution helps you to track customer orders just as the stock levels. A strong POS system will give basic online ordering solutions that are easy to use and simultaneously time profitable. You can collect basic information of your customer conduct, streamline staff management and also track the number of order received. With all the collected data make your marketing efforts and win over more number of customers.

6. Optimize Online Ordering Management

With regards to restaurant online ordering service, you can neither trade off with the quality of the product or the time taken for delivery not the efficiency of your staff. Henceforth, to provide max satisfaction to your customers optimize online ordering management. Get rid of wrong orders, unsatisfied customers or chaos. Take the help of technology to deal with the online ordering system in peak hours and avoid from ruing customer experience.


With the increase in technology advancements people want to order online. They prefer toward enjoying and savouring their favorite dish in the solace of their home. But when they don't get their ideal service, they become skeptical and start doubting the brand. This, thusly, harms your brand name. Hence, you have to deliver excellent service and provide unique customer experience. Implement the tips mentioned above and boost your restaurant business alongside a lasting customer relationship.


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.