Increase Your Online Ordering System For Restaurants Revenue Through Social Media Marketing

Do you know you can substantially increase the online ordering system for restaurants revenue, takeaway without having to increase workforce or physically grow?

Are you leveraging the power of online ordering for your business? You should! More restaurants are now increasing their revenue, building solid brands and continuously engaging their customers through online ordering. There are just so many benefits to draw from introducing this service with your business. Some of the advantages include:

Increased Sales

Truly, partnering with an online ordering business can help you to increase your sales tremendously. It's been demonstrated that customers love to place orders from their smart phones or PCs, where they have the luxury of admiring the whole menu, taking as much time, before they order finally – which they can't do at your physical shop. This is undeniable with millennials. Along these lines, if more of your potential customers are already buying online, then the time has come to take your business online too.


With the help of online ordering system you can easily monitor how your business is doing. You can have access to records of sales, traffic, engagement, complete orders, cancelled orders, etc. The kind of data is definitely relevant for business development as it will inform your decisions on next lines of action. For example, if you're getting too many cancelled orders, then you realize you should change your game.

Online, email and mobile marketing

Huge potentials lie in these kinds of marketing. Once you take your business online, you open the doors to integrating with your customers through their emails, cell phone and social media accounts. There're no easier, quicker ways to contact people than these.

This is why you should work with Takeaway Genie

We at Takeaway Genie offer online ordering system for restaurants to help you to increase your sales and achieve all of the advantages that go along with online ordering. We make it simple for you to integrate online ordering to your business and we offer unlimited features to choose from. Due to the confidence we have in our system, we offer you many things.

We care about your restaurant needs and that is the reason we offer a 100% customizable platform. You can take Takeaway Genie with you; regardless of whether you're using a tablet or mobile, our app is completely responsive and supports full operations (frontend and backend) on any device. Easily process your payments through PayPal and other payment methods. Build as many stores as you'd like to have. You'd like to get SMS and email notifications when an order is placed? No issues, we have you secured.

Some of our unlimited features include:

·         Social media integration: Turn your social media page to a market place from where orders can be processed too

·         Integrate with your site: Sales continue on your site. Customers can place orders quickly from your site

·         Functional mobile app: Receive orders through our mobile app which alarms you right away. You can manage with these orders and stay with your customers through the mobile app

·         Unlimited restaurants: Bring your chain of restaurants there's space for them all

·         Brand your store as your own site: Integrate your logos, images, copy, and so on

·         Process unlimited number of orders

·         Unlimited dishes

·         Custom Content Management System (CMS)

·         Simple checkout

·         Search engine optimized: Get more people to discover your store by integrating proper meta tags


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.