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Latest Trends in Online Ordering System for Business

According to a survey, 57% of customers order from a restaurant’s site online every day, weekly and monthly.

What does it means for your restaurant? It means that if you need to increase sales, online ordering system for business is an important avenue.

In this article, we take a look at online ordering and the most recent trends.

Trend: Online Orders Surpass Phone Orders

Since you know most of diners order online, it is only logical that online ordering has surpassed telephone ordering.

The present day consumers spend more time on their cell phones, making it quick and simple to place an order at your restaurant.

Online ordering system makes take-out simple for people. Often, they order online and simply drive up to a special door at restaurants to get their food.

Restaurants which provide online ordering are fulfilling the demands of another new age that "wants what they want when they want it."

The increase in online ordering over telephone ordering is beneficial for you, as well. It eliminates out the middle man on the telephone and virtually eliminates with staff mistakes.

Expect that online ordering should increase for the delivery and take-out customer.

Trend: Mobile Apps Drive More Sales

Along with online ordering through your site, another trend to watch out for is the usage of mobile apps.

Restaurants that have their very own mobile apps are providing yet another simple and easy way for customers to put in their orders.

Apps enable customers to create accounts and even re-order their favorite meals.

Mobile apps for ordering are still in their early stages, yet watch their progress in the coming year.

Trend: Delivery Orders Increase

Online ordering increases more number of delivery orders.

Restaurants that have the option of delivery, they are seeing an increase in their online orders when offering online ordering.

A large number of the today diner’s prefer the ease of ordering online and waiting someone will deliver their food so they can eat in the comfort of their own homes.

Delivery allows growing your business so you can now be able to serve in-house diners, take-out customers and delivery customers.

Also important is that signing to accept delivery online through your site also eliminates with human error with regards to delivery addresses.

Trend: Order Size Increases

Many restaurants see as much as a 25% increase in their online orders compared with their in-house orders.

Online ordering enables customers to take as much time as is needed with their order. They can order exactly what they need without feeling the need to hurry up and please their server.

In addition, when ordering online, customers are more likely to over order since they know they can stick their scraps right into the refrigerator for the following day.

Trend: Competition Heats Up

Restaurants are constantly competing for business, and another way to battle the challenge is through online ordering.

One way restaurants can beat the challenge is by offering online coupons and specials to customers to entice them to order online.

The online allows restaurants to offer instant discounts to get their customers. This thus creates loyalty.

Diners on the fence can even be taken back to abandoned carts through automated emails.

Expect that the online competition should heat up as we travel as the year progressed.

Trend: Social Media Ordering Explodes

You can use your social media to drive online ordering.

This trend can just develop as more and more number of restaurants leverage their social media platforms to promote online ordering.

Social media can also direct people to your site to build your online orders.

Trend: Opportunities for Customer Service

You'll see that customers are satisfied with your online ordering system. Regardless of whether they are dropping by to pick their take, or you are delivering their food, customers are relaxed and bound to make the most of their food.

Since they have less communication with staff, there are fewer opportunities for errors to occur.

Important is that you need to give your customers food hot and on time. They will be unhappy with late, cold food.

Consider preparing your take-out and delivery staff in customer service.

Since the interactions with your staff are less when online ordering is involved, you do need the one interaction customers must be the best possible.

Trend: You Collect Customer Info

When a diner visits your restaurant, they normally eat, pay and leave. You aren't left with any of their contact data.

This is simply one more reason online ordering is a hot trend.

By getting your customers' email addresses, you have access to re-market to them whenever.

You can express gratitude toward them for their business, welcome them to re-order their last meal or have a go at something else. You can send promotions or special events notices.

Online ordering has set up an interaction with your restaurant and your customer. If you proceed to build and nurture that relationship, you'll have the additional advantage of a repeat customer.

Trend: Delivery Without People

Finally, in the future one can expect to follow these trends: delivery without a driver and also delivery with the help of a drone.

As many retailers have started to experiment with drone delivery, soon you might also see similar options for food delivery.

You may also see delivery options with driver-less vehicles. The customer orders online, customers prepare food and send it off in a driver-less vehicle for delivery.

Just imagine… your telephone signals alerting you that your food is outside, and you can lift it up on your porch through drone delivery or at the driver-less vehicle waiting up at the curb.

Final Thoughts

If you aren't harnessing the intensity of online ordering, it's an ideal time to start.

Online ordering is a trend that is setting down deep roots since it benefits you, but also benefits the customer.

Your customers experience comfort and simplicity since they can order on their own time frame and without any pressure.

You experience increased revenue and a more extensive customer base since you are meeting the needs of a wide variety of people – the customers who need to eat in your restaurant and the people who need to eat at home.

Bottom line – your customers are happy when they get the opportunity to order online, and you're happy because they're spending more money than they would face to face.

Online ordering is a success win for everybody, and it's a smart thought to get on board this trend.

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Lauren Deol

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