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What Are The Benefits Of Online Ordering System and Mobile App

Now-a-days, online ordering system is the more popular and useful than ever before. Most diners, specifically, millennials prefer toward technology over traditional methods to order food from restaurants.

Online reservations, online take out and are favored over picking the telephone. Also, it is becoming important to meet the needs in order to stay competitive in the food business. The foundations that lag in implementing online services put aside in favor of the restaurants that are technology ready.

You might be asking what exactly the key advantages are? Well, we have listed some of the important ones below.

Advantages of Custom Mobile App and Website

Extreme Convenience For Customers

People are busier than before. Therefore, customers are looking for ways to save time and energy expenditure in any way they can. Mainly because convenience is king. You can make the process faster and easier when it comes to ordering, picking up food, and booking reservations. That is the place where you will see an increase in return customers with the satisfaction that their needs are being met.

A Platform To Increase Ordering Volume

Being a restaurant owner or manager, you are constantly strive to strengthen the bottom line and increase orders. More orders mean you are getting more income, so implementing any solution that can make that happen.

Online ordering system whether through a mobile app or through a website give you the best platform to do that. Tech savvy customers of this day prefer ordering online and through devices will undoubtedly create income in the short and long term.

Having an online presence will enable diners to make a quick keyword search and look them directly to your door.

Avoid Paying Third Party Commissions

A huge number of restaurants are partnering together with food delivery services, In the interim, they allow restaurants to get on board with the online food ordering bandwagon quickly there are some major disadvantages.

When you partner with a third party, you pay commissions on each sale made. Moreover, your business becomes more popular, the more you end up paying. If you are simply building your clientele, it may be advantageous. But vas you gain exposure, it just unavoidably cuts into your effectively tight margins.

Statistics show that 70% of customers want to order from the restaurant instead of using third party services. Why not keep the money in your back pocket, and implement your own food ordering system simply into a custom Mobile App or website. You can keep your customers happy at the same time.

The Ease of Automation

Using an online food ordering system automates your ordering process. It allows you to limit and eventually eliminate completely, each one of those distracting processes. Whether answering telephone, taking payment info, handling cash, giving you more opportunity to focus on the customers and key areas of the business.

Automation brings with it other advantages, for example, recruiting staff to answer telephones and do everyday tasks, efficiency increases and waste decreases. It is because the customer gets answerable for placing in their own orders and bookings. There are fewer breakdowns in communication from interruptions, for example, loud volume of a busy restaurant, questions are limited, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Marketing Opportunities

We Takeaway Genie don't simply offer a website or custom mobile app design for your restaurant and food ordering. We completely give you marketing material to have the option to execute into your promotional efforts. Besides, we also have Social media and SEO services available to our customers.

Having an online presence makes you stand apart to customers who'd otherwise never see an advertisement or find out about your business. As well as the people who would probably never come knocking on your restaurant door.

Visual Appeal

As the saying goes, we eat with our eyes before we eat with our mouths. This sounds true with regards to digital food ordering. It allows you to give customers astounding visuals of your food and services. Creating an appeal and desire not perceived by reading a simple menu at a restaurant.

So, enabling your customers to go online and see the complete menu and imagery when they're hungry pushes them towards ordering more food that they wouldn't ordinarily order via telephone. Menu designing and the attention you pay to write dish descriptions that sell is also an important part of being online.


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.