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What Are The Must Have Features For Online Ordering Food Delivery App

In between 2019 and 2023, the annual revenue growth rate of the restaurant to consumer segment is expected to be 8.9% while the platform to consumer delivery is expected to reach at 11.9%.

No surprise that people adore eating the delicious food of restaurants, but not each time they are in the mind-set to go outside.

In any case, what if you can enjoy that same taste of restaurant food at your comfort, at your home.

Probably, that is a similar idea that made the restaurant owners consider the food delivery apps. Like other businesses, you have to deal with your end customers just as other restaurants that will serve your customers using your portal. That is without a doubt that you have to serve the requirements on both the ends.

If you share the same thoughts and looking forward to diving  in the food delivery business, the competition going to be extremely higher. Prior to any further plans, let me share a few features that you should remember for your food delivery app.

1. Live food tracking: Even when it's said that apps empower the food delivery on your fingertips, it's never similar to that. It's normal that the customer needs to wait and which they are not in the mood as well! What can please your customer at that point?

Live tracking!

Truly, when you can wait to get something, you simply continue checking it. Furthermore, that is a similar case for the food too. Also, that is the reason when you decide on android app development, remember to include a live food-tracking component to your food delivery application.

In the restaurant, people can simply order the quick delivery, but when ordering from mobile, live food tracking is the best way to get it delivered on time. This can be your plus point over different competitors in a same market. On-time food delivery builds the trust of your customers upon your platform and this guarantees the arrival of ordinary customers. As a business manager, that is the key factor to consider for your business.

2. Multiple Payment Options: Unlike other features, adding multiple payment options is must for your food delivery app. Now-a-days people lean toward digital payments over the cash payments and there are certain payment portals that offer amazing discounts. When you include multiple payment options, you add more options for people and allow greater visibility to your brand.

Alongside the payment options, remember about the data security of your customers. It's the basic way to build trust between your customers and your brand.

3. Reward Your Loyal Customers: If you aren't a restaurant proprietor and dealing with the food delivery business, you don't get an opportunity of playing the game of monopoly; as far as a specific dish. And, that is the reason the loyalty bonus is probably the most ideal ways to draw in new as well as existing customers.

Don’t belittle the power of rewards; a prize can bring your customers over and over to your brand. You can provide offers to your serving restaurants. This will surely help them to strictly stay with you instead of exploring other delivery options.

4. Push Notifications: Always hit the iron when it's hot. Have you heard it? Understand the hidden meaning behind the scenario, as if your offer reaches at your customer an hour before their lunch time; they will without a doubt hit it.

Push notifications are the best ways to inform the customer about live offers. What's more, the best thing is you can promote the offers in the restaurants that are in the vicinity of the customer. So, you are upgrading more chances of gaining the change. You can get your app designed in a way that it enables you to track the message pop-ups that made the conversion. In this way, you can develop your marketing strategy in a more customer centric style.

5. Food Customization: Probably you haven't seen this option yet, but don't you need to some additional veggies in your pasta? Or then again, don't you love to have additional toppings in your pizza? Likewise, people love to have the food in the specific way they need to. In such a case your app enables them to order such customization, you get the opportunity to win the core of millions and billions of others.

Give it an idea, it very well may be the USP of your food serving app. Also, check for the local preferences of the people, so you can least try this feature for some of your listed food items. Along these lines you can build more trust among the foodies and can engage new choices based on those experiences.

6. Managing the Address Book: When you are in a rush and getting late for any meeting, you would prefer not to manually type the address every time. What's more, that is the reason your app must have the feature of saving and adding the location of multiple locations. This saves the time of the customer and makes the order placing process bit simpler for customers.

Remember, you can add more customers to your bucket each day with this feature. Also, this enables them to find more options in the vicinity and according to the distance based on delivery time, they can choose the closer ones. Win your customer's heart by delivering them all the items within the displayed or even lesser time span.

7. Cumulative Bonus: An app installation takes a couple of seconds to certain minutes to complete, but the un-installation is a matter of a second. Cumulative bonus is an astonishing way to improve the count of installments or re-installations.

You can offer some bonus or reward points only for those customers who haven't been using them for few months. Let their rewards get included with the passage of time. This will unquestionably improve the chances of getting repeat customers.


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.